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Basic functions and characteristics of the system
Time : 2018/12/10    Clicks : 161    Public:Shenzhen TGW Technology Co.,Ltd

Fully automatic management of fixed vehicles ,and semi-automatic management of temporary vehicle ,the system reduce vehicle transit time and saving time for drivers, realizing full intelligence management. 

①Avoid trouble with card reader installation and maintenance.

②Car owners don't worry about trouble with IC cards lost.

③Unique rolling led electronic display, local language available so that owners and managers read easily.

④Staff reduction and efficiency improvement.

⑤Save the cost of the IC card won't worry about the lack of IC cards.

⑥It can be operated in conjunction with the police alarm system to effectively combat illegal vehicles and assist in social security management.

⑦There are anti-lifting levers, full unloading, photoelectric control, and high-quality hood gates with accurate balancing system.

⑧Reliability and adaptability of digital vehicle detection system. 

⑨The brake device ensures that the brake lever will not fall if it is parked under the brake bar, whether it is an approaching vehicle or a reversed vehicle.