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Mirror Stainless Steel TGW-WT002
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Integrated with mechanism, electric and micro-controller and various kinds of identification technologies, compatible with IC, ID, barcode, fingerprint reader , QR Code,face and other biometrics method.
Durable, anti-rusty, and provide orderly passage to people, anti-illegal entry or exit, smooth operation, low noise.
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Full Automatic Wings Optical Turnstile with Access Control Rfid,Code,Fingerprinter or Biometrics.

Technical Parameters
Framework :304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions :1200×300×990 mm
Arm length :500-600mm
Dry Contact :12V
LED indicating light:One
Card-reading window : Two
Rated power:120 w
Operating temperature: -25℃ ~ +60℃
Relative humidity ≤90%, no condensation
Comunication Interface:RS485,distance ≤1200 m
Power supply:AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ (optional)
OpeningTransit speed:: 30—45 persons/min
Closing Transit speed::25-35 persons/min



1. Working method can be set by the buttons on the main panel

2. This model is double wing flap gate, low noise, smaller casing, save space

3. Anti-pinch by mechanism and sensor If there is block during return of gate, motor stops working automatically. Reset again after a default delay, the force 2Kg.

4. Anti-illegal in, anti-intrusion, auto close for reverse direction.

5. Anti-collision, gate closes when no valid signal is given.

6. Gates can be synchronous

7. Auto-reset. If not go through in a preset time, pass right would be canceled automatically. (1-60s adjustable), default time is 10s.

8. Reset function by photocells,Anti-pinch function by photocells, ( 3 or 5 pairs sensors)

9. Compatible with Access control system, consumption system, ESD system, E-ticket system and so on.

10. One way or two way control

11 Unit can be controlled and administered by remote control


Extensible functions:

1. LED counter display

2. Casing and gate size can be lengthened

3. Normal close or normal open adjustable

4. Light, sound alar

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