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Ticket Parking System TGW-TP001
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The standard parking lot system is a high-performance and multi-functional parking lot charging management system with complete configuration. It combines vehicle detection, computer network, video

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Working Steps

• Entrying the parking ( For Temporary Users )

• Step 1: Driver come to the entry parking machine and press the button. then the ticket dispenser

vending an ticket and system record the entry data automatically

• Step 2: Driver get the ticket and the barrier open. after pass the barrier. It will close automatically

•  Charging (For Temporary Users )

• Step 1: Driver take his ticket to the payment station. Scan the ticket ,then the Screen will show how long he stayed and how much he need to pay.

• Step 2: 
User make the payment.

• Exiting the parking (For Temporary Users )

• Step 1: When driver arrive the exit barrier, the barrier will open manually ( the guard at the exit or the charging center can open the barrier with the remote controller)

• Step 2: After the driver pass the barrier. the boom will close

• For Monthly Users

• Monthly users no need to use the Ticket. these users will take the RFID card on hand all the time and they pay the fees every month. No need every time.


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