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RFID Card Parking System TGW-RFID001
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The standard parking lot system is a high-performance and multi-functional parking lot charging management system with complete configuration. It combines vehicle detection, computer network, video surveillance, image identification and processing and the automated control technology, realize the full-automation management of in and out v
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Working Steps

• Entrying the parking ( For
Temporary Users )

• Step 1: Driver come to the entry parking machine and press the button. then the card dispenser

vending an ID/IC card and system record the entry data automatically

• Step 2: Driver get the card and the barrier open. after pass the barrier. It will close automatically

•  Charging (For
Temporary Users )

• Step 1: Driver take his card to the payment station. Read the IC/ID card ,then the screen will show how long he stayed and how much he need to pay.

• Step 2: User make the payment.

• Exiting the parking (For Temporary Users )

• Step 1: When driver arrive the exit barrier, the barrier will open manually ( the guard at the exit or the charging center can open the barrier with the remote controller)

• Step 2: After the driver pass the barrier. the boom will close

• For Monthly Users

• These users will take the RFID card on hand all the time and they pay the fees every month. No need every time.


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